WhatsApp New Privacy and Policy and Two Additional Features.

By | August 3, 2021

WhatsApp tells you that your privacy will not be affected if you do not take advantage of these two additional features.

WhatsApp recently announced that it is updating its terms of service and privacy policy starting February 8, 2021. After users have faced numerous privacy objections, Facebook’s messaging app has now issued a clarification that your privacy will not be affected unless you take advantage of its two additional features.

In the FAQ section, WhatsApp advises that the new privacy policy does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends and family. According to the company, the update will only affect messages sent to work accounts on WhatsApp, which they believe is an additional feature.

WhatsApp and Facebook cannot see your private messages

WhatsApp said it offers end-to-end encryption of private messages to all users, and neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your messages or hear your calls with friends and family.

He also added that he does not keep logs of messages and calls of users, as he considers it “a threat to privacy and security.”

WhatsApp won’t transfer your contacts

WhatsApp also added that it doesn’t share your contacts with other Facebook apps. Contacts are used so you can quickly send them a message from within the app.

What will WhatsApp share with Facebook?

WhatsApp has said it will share data on how you interact with businesses on your app. The company also added that companies will soon be able to use Facebook’s hosting services to manage their interactions with users. WhatsApp said it will add the tag for businesses using Facebook’s hosting services.

WhatsApp Business accounts will also be able to use the Facebook Shops platform to display their products on WhatsApp. If you shop with companies using the Shops platform, your purchases will be shared with Facebook and used to display ads on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, Facebook will soon be able to send messages to businesses using WhatsApp using a button on its platform. When you send a message to a company on WhatsApp, Facebook will be able to use that data to display similar advertisements on its platform.

What does this mean?

While Facebook won’t see your private chats with friends and family, it will use your business chats to display additional ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other business platforms.

This means that while your personal information is still safe, your messages to businesses will soon be shared on Facebook.

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