What Are The Most Important SEO Factors? 2021

By | August 4, 2022

What Are The Most Important SEO Factors 2021

What Are The Most Important SEO Factors The number one is links. Google is basically based on links. But one thing that people tend to overlook is the on-page SEO. People think it’s not important and tend not to do it.

If you get the on-page SEO wrong – no matter how many links you get – you are not going to rank as high as you would, if you took care of the on-page SEO. But, the number one thing is links.

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The second most important would be your title tags. It doesn’t have the strength that once had in SEO, but if you use your keyword phrase in the title tag, it’s going to end up as bolded text in the Google search results. It attracts the eye. So it will get more clicks.

In addition, you want each title tag to be compelling and make people want to click. It’s just like writing an ad for AdWords. You want to do the same thing with your organic listing in Google. You’ve got to sell that click.

Important SEO Factors H1s, H2s, H3s, Headings

And third are the heading tags, your H1s, H2s, H3s, make sure you just have one H1. That’s the largest one.

You should probably have one H1, a couple of H2s, and an H3 at the bottom of each page. That will give you good coverage.

It also allows the content on your page to be naturally broken up with some good subheads using the H2 tags. That way, the reader doesn’t get so overwhelmed with content if you have a lot of content on the page.

There are two functions of linking. The first one is link popularity, which is just the raw number of links you have.

The second, more important function of linking is link reputation. It’s basically the text in the anchor text, and the words to the left or the right of it. So, the context of what the link says, meaning the words surrounding the links and where the link is are two very important things to consider.

Links in the center of the page carry more weight, and they’re not likely to be filtered out by the search engines.

And then the actual on-page factors, the actual topic of your page, which is absolutely critical. What’s really important in all this is that the reputation – the incoming links – match what the target page is about.

Make sure the keyword in the anchor text in the link to your web page, the Title of the web page and the content of the web page are all relevant.

Every keyword phrase is a different playing field, where you compete against other pages for the same keyword phrase. Now you have an edge in that competition.

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