How Amazon’s Job Posting Seen Bitcoin Above $40,000

“We are inspired by the innovation happening in the cryptocurrency space and exploring what it looks like on Amazon,” the company said in a statement. Bitcoin climbed above $40,000 for the first time since June as a flurry of short-covering intensified a rally fueled by speculation over the involvement of Inc. in the crypto… Read More »

What is Cache Memory?

What is Cache Memory? Explains Cache Memory Cache memory provides faster data storage and access by storing instances of programs and data routinely accessed by the processor. Thus, when a processor requests data that already has an instance in the cache memory, it does not need to go to the main memory or the hard… Read More »

How to download YouTube video on Android or iPhone? 2021

How to download YouTube video on Android or iPhone? How to download YouTube video on Android or iPhone? YouTube is world’s largest video based search engine, which caters to billions of viewers everyday. Late last year, YouTube allowed app users to download videos on their smartphones. You can spot a download icon in the bottom… Read More »

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook Facebook is a great social networking website. The members from around the world can connect through Facebook. These members can do exchange information with each other. There is also an instant messenger facility through which you can talk. The issue of Privacy comes to the fire with all these information… Read More »

The Future Of Virtual Reality (VR)

You might think you’ve experienced VR, and you might have been pretty impressed. Particularly if you’re a gamer, there are some great experiences to be had out there (or rather, in there) today. But over the next few years, in VR, as in all fields of technology, we’re going to see things that make what… Read More »

Google cannot display web stories that are teasers

Google has stated that its users want to see the entire story, not click to see more. Google announced that it will try not to display web stories based on “teasers” in Google Search and Google Discover. The company said the publishing ecosystem is experimenting with new ways to create rich web stories, but based… Read More »