How to write good Insta captions to engage your audience

By | August 3, 2021

Instagram is all about pictures, right? Well, of course not.

Now, when you grab the attention of the audience by having a polished profile bio and want them to stay for some time by having a consistent theme and grid, there is also a chance to build a relationship and start an engagement.

A picture is worth a thousand words

In this article, you will learn:

How important words are on Instagram;
How to write a good Instagram caption;
How to connect people with their words;
Thanks for a good caption on how to increase your audience and build brand awareness;
How to find posts with specific keywords.


But it’s one thing to retain followers because of great photography, and quite different to build a busy community on your Instagram business profile. This community helps you build brand awareness, promote your brand and products, reach a new audience, find organic brand advocates, and of course, it will help you sell more.

This means that a number of your followers should be active on your profile, not only liking your posts, but also commenting on them and engaging in discussion. If the engagement rate is between 3% to 6%, then we can say that it is good. If there is more, it is great, but if less, then you need to adjust your Instagram strategy.

A long, long time ago … ZzzZzz.

Wait here A photo caption is not the place to write long stories. You have 2,200 characters available, but keep it brief. As long as your profile is not about sharing specific knowledge, you should let the post speak for itself. Captions should provide context for photography, inspire your followers and show brand personality.

Keep the caption style in line with your brand style and character, but adjust the communication on this platform. Here, a very important thing is getting to know your audience. Instagram is a friendly place, a place for an informal and relaxed style of communication.

Your audience is not expected to send a formal message here, as they do on other social media channels or your professional blog.
Write a nice, straightforward caption and don’t hesitate to use your understanding. And, of course, don’t forget about proper grammar and spelling.


Using emojis is a great way to show off your current mood, brand personality, and make a bang in your caption. This is a good way to indicate the most important part of your caption using an arrow, fire or a megaphone icon. Or whatever you want. Have fun using emojis, but remember not to overuse them.

The engagement!

The algorithm is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when managing your Instagram business profile. It is no secret that the algorithm can raise profiles with high engagement. I remind you: Instagram post engagement rate

The picture you posted may encourage people to click on the heart icon below, but the caption is one that encourages you to post comments, join the discussion, and more Can.

A good caption can do a lot! The first thing you can do is to motivate people to comment on the post. A great idea is to ask a question, ask for advice, or encourage people to share an experience with you.

Pro tip:

A good idea is to start with a question or call for action. This will catch your audience’s eye and make them want to click on the “show more” button, where they can read the full explanation. Make the first part of your caption super attractive!

Write a caption with a good call to action!

You can ask people to click on the link in your bio (remember! This is the only clickable link to your profile). And it is not a bad idea to use an easy-to-remember and easily typed browser link in the Internet, such as from or another shortener.

The next thing you can do is asking your audience to answer a question, as I’ve mentioned before, but also ask them to tag someone in the comments section. This will bring

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