How to create a secret chat on Telegram and activate end-to-end encryption

By | August 3, 2021

While Telegram has better privacy features compared to WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption is not the default and should be enabled. The app also has a way to create a secret chat.

Despite all the controversy over privacy and security of user data thanks to the new WhatsApp privacy policy, many users have chosen Telegram or Signal to search for messages. Both Telegram and Signal now have better privacy features than WhatsApp, and both apps also collect negligible user data compared to the Facebook-owned app.

We have already told you why you can choose Signal, today we will tell you how to activate end-to-end encryption for Telegram and how to start a secret chat on it.

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For starters, end-to-end encryption (e2e) is not Telegram’s default feature. Cloud chats, which Telegram calls standard chats, do not have end-to-end encryption. Therefore, if you do not enable e2e, Telegram will have access to the metadata (who you wrote to, how often, when, etc.), as well as the content of these chats. Telegram said it does not use this data for advertising, but you never know when this might change.

How to create a secret chat on Telegram

Telegram has end-to-end encryption, you just need to enable it. Telegram calls with end-to-end encryption enabled are called secret chats.

– To create a secret chat, open the profile of the person you want to chat with.

– Click on the three-dot icon just below the person’s profile picture.

– Select “Start Secret Chat”.

This opens a chat that has end-to-end encryption applied to messages, you will see a mentioning notification that appears in the chat window at the beginning.

You can also set the time after which messages from this secret chat will be deleted by clicking or clicking the clock icon in the message input field.

Automatically deleting a message does not prevent your chat partner from taking screenshots, but if they do, you will receive a chat notification.

However, there is an exception: if another person is using a macOS app, you will not receive a screenshot notification.

Telegram allows multiple secret chats with the same person, and group chats cannot be secret.

How do I know if a chat is encrypted from one end to the other?

You will need to check the lock icon.

Since Telegram chats can be cloud-based (regular chats) or secret, it is important to know which type you are using. On Telegram, end-to-end encrypted chats look almost the same as regular chats. Therefore, to confirm which type you are, look for the lock icon next to the name or phone number of your interlocutor. If there is one, the chat is secret.

Otherwise end-to-end encryption is disabled, in which case you should create a new chat.

You can also tap or click the icon of your chat partner and if end-to-end encryption is enabled, encryption keywords will appear at the bottom of the window that opens.

Important to remember

Secret chats disappear when you log out or uninstall the Telegram app.

Secret chats are available in Telegram apps for iOS, Android and macOS. The web version and Windows app do not support secret chats, as they cannot guarantee that chats are stored securely on the device.

Regular Telegram chats are not encrypted from one end to the other.

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