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learn to trust the internet again

Wikipedia can serve as a model to combat online disinformation and mistrust. Every day, we have to navigate online what is real and what is fake. The Internet is an integral part of our daily lives, yet it is constantly filled with inaccuracies, misinformation and viral “fake news”. The spread of false information can be… Read More »

Lost Internet After Cloud Outage

LONDON – Several websites around the world went offline for some time on Tuesday following an outage at cloud services company Fastly, which shows how critical a handful of companies are running the Internet pipeline. Dozens of sites were unreachable, including the New York Times, CNN, several Amazon sites, Twitch, Reddit, The Guardian, and the… Read More »

The Internet Needs Our Love

It’s noisy in there. We live in sensational headlines every minute, every day. You can work almost full time sorting fun, interesting, or useful memes, feeds, and reels into the trash. It’s hard to know what to focus on and where to channel your energy. With so much noise, chaos, and division, it seems the… Read More »